Fudge Crinkle cookies

My office has this policy whereby, for every occasion (be it a birthday/holiday/new boy/girlfriend), you HAVE to bring in treats.

Having just come back from Switzerland (which, by the way, is AMAZING!) and now about to go to Brussels for a heavy weekend (can’t wait to see you J Fitch and Special K!), I decided to bring in my treats in advance.

As anyone who has ever brought home-made treats into the office will know, this is something that is fraught with danger: bring in something too rich and suffer the humiliation of having to bring them home; bring in too few and you will be labelled a cheapskate. However, I have found a FOOL-PROOF way of overcoming this: Fudge Crinkle Cookies

Now, not only are these cookies super fudgey, super chewy and super addictive, they are also very easy to make – with the recipe below making enough for 20 hungry people!

Recipe (adapted from food.com):

Ingredients (makes 30):

1 box Betty Crocker devil’s food cake mix (Don’t tell anyone!)
1/2 small cup (150ml) vegetable oil
2 large eggs
Icing’ sugar (for rolling)


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 Degrees Celsius
  2. Stir the cake mix, oil and eggs in a large bowl until a rough dough forms
  3. Put the mix into the fridge for 30 minutes
  4. Place some baking paper on a metal (oven proof) tray
  5. Take the mix out of the fridge and shape the dough into as many 1.5 inch balls as possible
  6. Roll the balls into the icing sugar and place the dough onto the baking paper (at least 2 inches apart)
  7. Place back in the fridge for 10 minutes (CRUCIAL: this ensures that snowy crinkle effect!)
  8. Bake for 8 (for super super gooey) to 10 (for a more cookie like texture)
  9. Remove from the oven and cool on wire racks

No need to thank me! Just promise me that you will keep this recipe secret!



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