2014 to restaurants list

When I mention to people that I write a food blog, people always ask what restaurants I would recommend. This, along with my 2014 “to do” list, are:

Favorite restaurants of 2013: 

– Bocca di Lupo ($$$). Order the fried lamb chop, pear & mustard honey

– Zoilos ($$). Order the rovoleta, almonds & oregano honey

– Le Coq ($)


2014 to do list:

– Sushi Tetsu ($$$)

– Alyn Williams at the Westbury ($$$)

– Clove club ($$)

– Smokehouse ($$)

– Kitchen table @ bubbledogs ($$)

– Upstairs at the Ten Bells ($$)

– Dabbous ($$)

– Trinity ($$)

– The Dairy ($$)

– Foxlow ($$)

– Kirazu ($)

– Apollo banana leaf ($)

– Salon ($)

– Honey and co ($)

– Chicken shop ($)


I recently visited Blackfoot, a restaraunt that specialises in porky products, and can say that the sausage roll (a special made with Spanish white sausage) and the Porchetta (rolled and roasted pork middle, stuffed with fennel pollen, rosemary and served with lentils and salsa verde) made for a truly memorable dinner! The prices are also very reasonable: starters are in the £3 region whilst mains (seasonal menu) start at £10. Would recommend going before the evening standard hypes it up and queues start forming!



Blackfoot Pork Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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