Burger braggin’ rights

In 2013, London experienced something of a “burger craze”: burger bars were popping up left, right and centre, starting with Meat Liqor and ending with Five guys.

For the purposes of research (hah!), I went around sampling the burgers (and assorted starters) at the following establishments:

Meat Liqor/Meat market/Meat Mission


Admiral Codrington

Five Guys

Patty and Bun

Lucky Chip


Shake Shack

Honest burger

Burger bear

My extensive research allowed me to conclude on the following:

Best burger: Black Palace at Meat Market (the specials at Byron and Patty and Bun are also very good!)

Best chips: Rosemary salt chips at Honest burger (Special mention goes to the Chilli cheese fries at Meat Liqor)

Best starter: Buffalo wings at Meat Liqor (close second are the fried pickles!)

Best challenge: Burger bear’s picnic 

Best drinks: Meat market Floats



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