Move over Borough Market, you’ve met your match!

Yesterday, I had the best lunch known to man-kind. It was the kind of lunch that makes you giddy with excitement. The kind of lunch that you have dreams about.

Anyway…..A couple of days ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to Ropewalk asking me what I would recommend eating there. Having (shamefully, despite being a self-professed foodie) never heard of it, I decided to go for “research” purposes.

Ropewalk  is a relatively new food market hidden behind the old railway arches on Maltby street. Despite arriving quite late in the afternoon, the place was heaving: people were queuing for burgers from The Woolpack, stockpiling custard doughnuts from St John’s bakery and sampling Jambon from Tozino.

My trip, however, was focused on two stalls:

Now, one of my favorite sandwich happens to be a Reuben (Mishkins doesn’t do it justice, although the Brass Rail gets pretty damn close to perfection), so my expectations were very high indeed. However, when I walked up to the stall, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

The smell of the salt beef, the sight of the home made pastrami, the freshly toasted rye bread….i’m dribbling just thinking about this sandwich. Now, I ordered a Reuben special (extra large, with both salt beef and pastrami, and comes with a side of pickles and ‘slaw), but the Mensch (an untoasted, cheeselss Reuben smothered with a layer of liver) was extremely tempting!

The first bite was incredible. The crunch from the toasted rye bread, the tartness of the sauerkraut, the meaty hit from the salt beef, the spice from the pastrami….. I demolished this monster of a sandwich in minutes. In all honesty, words don’t do this sandwich justice. Even though the 9 pound price tag is fairly high, the next time I go, I’m going to buy two: one for lunch and one for dinner.

After that heavy session, I needed something to sate my sweet tooth. And boy did I find it at Poppy and Sebastian. Poppy and Sebastian are tart specialists and have been winning prizes non-stop in recent months. Their most infamous creation, the Snickers (Poppy’s take on a Snickers bar), has been doing the rounds on Twitter in recent months. And judging by the photos, I can’t say that I’m suprised:


After  eating this tart, however, I realised that it was almost insulting to compare this wonderful wonderful tart to a Snickers bar. The rich velvety chocolate, the crunchy peanut hit, the hidden orange centre, the buttery crisp base…. I was licking the box by the time I had finished (yes, I did spend half the day walking around with chocolate on my face….).

Poppy and Sebastian also do a range of other awesome flavours (The Mont Blanc looks and sounds incredible), all of which I plan on tasting next week!

Poppy also mentioned that she will be holding lessons from next Sunday onwards. I’ve already booked a place in April so that I can replicate these beauties at home!

In all honesty, I don’t think I can praise these two stalls any higher. When I go back next Saturday, I can safely say that I’m not even going to consider stopping at St John’s for a custard doughnut; my belly only has space for Poppy and Monty!

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