B.O.B.s lobsters

One thing about the Chinese is that we love lobsters. Be it steamed, stir fried, fried or oven roasted (cheesy lobsters, HK style, are the shiz!), we go crazy for them (seriously, never offer to treat us to lobster – the gesture will bankrupt you!).

My previous London lobster exploits include Burger and Lobster (good, but not worth the queues), Beaus of Bloomsbury (all you could eat crayfish boil!) and lobster chow-mein at The Lotus.

However, ever since I developed a mild allergy to lobsters (never eat three whole lobsters in one sitting!) I have sworn off lobsters. Unfortunately for the lobster population, however, old habits die hard: I have been having lobster cravings for months!

So, when I heard about B.O.B.s lobsters pop-up in the Rising Sun, I rounded up my cousins for a long overdue lobster sesh.

B.O.B.s lobsters started life as a mobile popup, selling ahi tuna tacos, lobster mac ‘n cheese and lobster brioche rolls in Borough Market. After a successful couple of months, B.O.Bs lobsters upended to the Rising Sun on Carter Lane, just off St Paul’s cathedral.

I arrived at 6.30pm to find that half of my cousins were running late (it is standard to expect Asians to turn up at least 15 minutes after the agreed meeting time); the other half were busy trying out the old school cocktails at the bar (BIG mistake, given how lightweight we are!).

Once everyone arrived, the fun began. Being unable to decide on which starters to try out, we decided to opt for 2 of each starter, shared between the 6 of us. The ahi tuna tacos were the real highlight , the freshness of the fish being enhanced by the sauces; however, the pigs cheek tacos and the fried oysters needed a bit of oomph to really make them stand out.

We then moved onto the main course of lobster (although the waitress was very keen to recommend the burger(!)), where we shared a lobster roll and lobster mac n cheese between two. My thoughts were that the mac n’ cheese needed a stronger, thicker cheese to hold the whole thing together. The roll, however, was on another level: well seasoned chunks of lobster, slathered with a  garlicky mayonaise, sitting on a light buttery brioche……this was the stuff of dreams! The adornment of a pickle set off the richness nicely.

Screenshot_2014-03-11-21-25-08-1-507432614(Credit to Mr Ng for the arty shot)


I did note that the sides of chips were overly salty, however.

Desserts were equally creative, with the rice pudding being the stand out dish.

The bill ended up at 332 pounds, including tip, for 6 people. Ok, so we splurged on wine and cocktails and desserts were probably an overkill – you could easily eat here for under 30 pounds a head ( which is still fairly pricey!). However, given the awesome lobster roll, the great cocktails and the attentive service, I would say that it was worth it as a one off treat.


I’ll definitely be back as soon as my bank balance looks a bit healthier! Maybe next time, I’l even try on the infamous foam lobster claws!

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