TSL London – Rooftop brewing @ Netil 360

I met one of my best friends at university. The moment I was introduced to her, I knew we’d get on.

We’d spend hours driving around in her smart car (!), talking nonsense, singing along to cheesy songs and going to McDonalds for midnight feasts (Fillet O’Fish and McNuggets!).

However, she went to study in France in her second year and we eventually lost contact.

So, when I received a text asking for a meet up, I jumped at the opportunity. The event she chose? TSL London – Rooftop brewing @ Netil 360, an event organised by the lovely Pascale Barget, a fellow Warwick economics alumni.

The event itself was held on the roof of Netil House in London Fields, a beautiful setting with wonderful views of London:


Despite having never been to London Fields before (I’m clearly not trendy enough!), I was surprised by how much I liked it: a combination of beautiful buildings (old and new), a nice family feel and loads of bespoke places to eat in.

Dream houseLondon fields brewery


On arrival, I was greeted by a stunning barmaid who handed me 8 tokens. These, I was told, could be traded for food and drink at the event.


My food options were as follows:

Hot Skillet – a dish of griddled potatoes, balsamic caramelised onions, spicy chorizo, basted egg, smothered with manchego cheese. Although simple sounding, the quality of the ingredients really shone through and made for a great starter!

MenuMeal 1

Turner and Roast – A slider of BBQ pulled pork shoulder, injected with kent cider and topped with grilled cheese, smoked and pickled chillies was incredible. The sharp pickles and the fruity cider helped cut through the rich, melt in mouth meat, making this slider very memorable!


Yolk – When you give quality ingredients the care and attention they deserve, the resulting dish is always something special. This is something that the guys at Yolk London fully understand: their simple dish of eggs benedict was ALMOST as good as the egg dish I had at Eggslut (the home of the best egg dishes known to mankind).

After gorging on delicious food and drinking awesome locally brewed beer (Candela gold – thanks @Signaturebrew), we settled down to watch the Netherlands play Costa Rica before partying into the night.

MatchSometimes, the best things in life are those that you least expect to happen!



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