Brunch at Flesh and Buns

Coming back from Hong Kong was quite depressing.

Having to go to work, eat boring lunches everday and not being able to wear shorts made me badly crave for anything HK related (although not quite as bad as my friend, who has started applying for ANY job in HK after his recent holiday there!).

To help overcome this, I organised a brunch at Flesh and Buns – home to meat filled 饅頭 (man-tou, a Chinese bun).


Now, this was no ordinary brunch. You see, for £36 (or £29 if you want the less extensive menu), you get a cocktail, unlimited red/white wine/prosecco, unlimited starters, a main and a dessert at Flesh and Buns.

brunch 1 brunch 2Keen to make the most of the 2 hour limit at F&B, we arrived early and were seated in a booth – a tight squeeze for 12 people.


IMG_20140817_124450(Squash is soo happy in this photo!)

Despite this, the service was great: our waitress was prompt, friendly, attentive (but not excessively so) and kept us well watered (or drunk!) by constantly refilling water, wine and prosecco as required.

The food also arrived quickly and in huge volumes:

image_5(Credit to @Jackhlng for the photo)

Given how much we ordered, I’m surprised that they dealt with it so well (we ordered so much that the table was completely full! I have also been told by a friend who tried to book recently that the price had gone up by £5 – sorry guys!).

Particular highlights include:

  • Korean Fried  Wings: hot, sticky, spicy and a good crunchy coating. Not quite as epic as meatliqor, but pretty damn close!
  • Soft Shell Crab: lightly battered crab that you can eat whole. What more needs to be said?
  • Miso and sesame glazed asparagus: Perfectly charred asparagus with the mouthwatering aroma of toasted sesame and the addictive umaminess of miso
  • Spicy Tuna Rolls: fatty tuna meets chilli kick meets tangy pickles

(Chicken Yakitori was a bit too salty; sashimi was quite thinly sliced; Ceviche wasn’t quite punchy enough)

Feeling pretty full (I counted at least 30 plates between us for starters), our mains arrived.

And they were HUGE!

IMG_20140817_133523image_6 IMG_20140817_133500

My favourite was the well-charred, but rare, sirloin: it was succulent, minerally and oh so tender (apologies for the lack of beef photos: it was soo good it had almost finished by the time I had my first bite!). The Seabass was nothing special whilst the crackling on the pork was too chewy (the meat itself, coupled with the apple sauce was awesome).

Not wanting to waste any of the food, we soldiered on, despite being full to bursting!


Having heard stories about the “unusual” toilets, I went to have a look. And boy was I surprised (NSFW!):

image_8(Credit to @Jackhlng for the photo)

Dessert came quickly after the mains, with the centre piece being the smores!

IMG_20140817_142111 IMG_20140817_142445


We were also given the chocolate fondant and the black sesame crème brulee to try. The fondant, whilst technically sound, did not really excite me (forgive me, I was so full at this point!).



The crème brulee, however, was a complete eye opener: the guys at Flesh and Buns have somehow managed to incorporate the aromatic richness of a 芝麻糊 (black sesame soup) into a crème brulee, creating a really exciting fusion dish  in the process! Coupled with the sharp raspberry sorbet, this dessert is definitely on my last meal wish list! (I have tried replicating this dish at home, but have not yet succeeded – blog post to follow once it is perfected!).

After settling the bill, we stumbled home before entering into a food coma (for some, the train journey proved too much…..)


Sure enough though, the epic meal at Flesh and Buns had banished all lingering attachments to HK!


PS: The moral of the story? never invite an Asian group to a buffet.

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