Exploding doughnuts, confit duck sandwiches and lunch at the Regency

I’ve been on a foodie pilgrimage in the last couple of weeks, eating at household names such as Franco Manca, Pizzaro and The Regency.

The highlights include:

Pilpel falafel container:


Great lunch option if you work in or around Liverpool street. For £5.65, you get 6 freshly fried falafel, a load of salad (I always ask for extra chillies and green chilli sauce), smooth creamy tahini and a brown pitta).

Ibérico ham platter at Pizzaro :


Salty and fruity melt in mouth slices of ibérico ham. #Justdelicious

Seabass at Pizzaro :

IMG_20140820_193651Simple ingredients cooked beautifully. Pizzaro is seriously a foodies’ wet dream

Purify 7 veg detox drink at Itsu:

This is my go to drink whenever I’m feeling in the need of a detox. Containing no banana or kiwi, its not too sweet and makes you feel great!

Mum’s 芝麻糊:

Not strictly eating out, but my Mum’s 芝麻糊 (black sesame dessert) deserves a mention. Smooth, creamy, slightly smokey and oh so drinkable. This will one of the dishes I insist my Mum teaches me!

Ramen at Kanada-Ya:


This horrific photo does not do this ramen justice. The egg is, without a doubt, the best in London. Seriously, order at least 2.

Vanilla doughnut at Breadahead:


When I saw these doughnuts, I knew that I was in for a treat. Filled to the brim, these bad boys literally explode in your face when you bite into them. Best eaten out of view of others!

(I wasn’t surprised when I found out that one of the owners used to work at St John’s bakery, They are both outrageously addictive!)

Confit duck sandwich at Le Marche du Quartier:


This famous sandwich was certainly decent, but it was in no way as good as people have hyped it up to be. Hint: the peppers at the bottom of the sandwich add a nice sweetness to the sandwich, complimenting the salty duck fairly well, so try to get some in every bite!

Scotch egg with mushroom ketchup at Tanner & Co:


Perfectly cooked egg, surrounded by good quality sausage meat and a thin coating of breadcrumbs. I wish they sold the mushroom ketchup by the bottle!

Cold brew coffee at Goodbeans:


The UK has finally caught up with Japan and the US, bringing cold-brew coffee to the masses. I first had cold-brew coffee at Eggslut in L.A. and this offering from Goodbeans, whilst decent, was slightly too weak in flavour. Decent effort though!

(Goodbeans give their profits towards community projects and so is a very worthwhile place to check out!)

Pizza at Franco Manca:

IMG_20140806_194410421762582Thin and crispy, comes with lashings of flavour and below 7 quid a pizza! No wonder the queues go out of the door! A must try for the pizza addicts out there

Passionfuit cheesecake at Princis:

IMG_20140806_204101-947097356Princis (pronounced Prin-cheese) has been, and probably always will be, the dream.

For those who have never been, I can’t recommend this place enough (it is always the place I take friends new to London). Despite being insanely busy 100% of the time, the service is always great and the food remains impeccable. Their pizzas and salads are very good, but it is the desserts that really shine. My friend, HS, is absolutely addicted to the tiramisu, but for me, the must order dish is the passionfruit cheesecake. Creamy, tangy and perfectly set, this dessert is so good its in the legendary “lick-the-plate-clean” territory.

Any tandoori dish at The Regency Club:

IMG_20140922_212532421762582(Round 1 of our meal consisted of chicken wings, tandoori lamb chops, chicken tikka, chilli garlic prawns, sheesh kebab, garlic mogo and chilli paneer)

My mate has been asking me to visit this place since the beginning of the year (he claimed it was the best Indian in London). Finally relenting, I travelled all the way to Queensbury (on the day both the Met and the Jubileenlines were closed!) to see if The Regency Club lived up to its reputation.

The first thing I noticed was that it was a private members club (at one point, I thought it was a strip club, but apparently the members only thing is for tax purposes??) and that I was the only non-Indian there (a definite good sign!)

Was it worth the 2+ hour journey there? HELL YES!

The chicken tikka was probably the best I’ve had in London whilst the lamb chops would give even Tayyabs a run for its money. The mogo was a revelation whilst the chilli garlic prawns were so addictive I ended up eating the whole plate by myself (my mate was not best pleased!)

I’m hooked and can now see why people rate this place so highly! Only Amaya and Gymkhana has any chance of knocking this place off my London top Indian spot


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