Dim Sum in London

I consistently get asked “where can I get the best, most authentic dim sum in London”. For me, there are only two choices: The Lotus and Royal China

The Lotus is a “floating” restaurant (it is actually cemented in place) near the Cross-Harbour DLR station and does four amazing dishes:

  • Lobster chow mein (I could drink the sauce if it were bottled)
  • Salted duck egg fried crab (so bad for you, but so so good)
  • Chilli pepper fried squid (off-menu during lunch. Just ask the waitress!)
  • Dim Sum (details below)

Nowadays, a lot of Chinese restaurants outsource their dim sum to an external supplier as hiring a qualified dim-sum chef is VERY expensive. As such, the dim sum can taste very generic and average (yes, this includes most restaurants in China Town!).

The Lotus, however, make their own dim sum in house. As such, the quality and authenticity is very obvious (and explains why there is always a massive queue to get a table; luckily, my auntie is bessies with the owner!).

Recommended dishes include:

  • 韭菜餃 (Chive Dumplings)
  • 女兒紅鳳爪 (Marinated Chicken Claws)
  • 水晶羅漢餃 (Vegetarian Dumplings)
  • 墨魚餅 (Fried Cuttle Fish Cake)
  • 腐皮蝦腸粉 (Crispy Bean Curd and Prawn Cheung Fun)
  • 酥皮蛋撻 (Egg Custard Tarts)
  • 菠蘿包 (Pineapple Buns with real pineapple!)
  • 牛腩牛筋窩 伊麵  (Beef belly, tendons, noodles)
  • 星洲炒米粉 (Singaporean vermicelli)

IMG_20140622_1634311534643249 IMG_20141012_130149269142451 IMG_20140526_004333-599715721

This makes for a very very good hangover brunch! Enjoy!

(PS: Speaking Cantonese and/or Mandarin to the staff is likely to get you a discount!)

Lotus Chinese Floating on Urbanspoon


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