Peckham market – the gentrification of Peckham continues

Back in 2011, I told my dad that I was house hunting in Peckham. He nearly died of shock!

Now though, Peckham seems to be the flavour of the month: there’s the KERB food market, the opening of trendy restaurants such a The Rye and the recent opening of Peckham Market (a true sign of gentrification!)

Having heard that Bunny Chow were going to be there, I headed down to Peckham in the name of research.

The market is open every Saturday from 10am-2pm and is based on Bellenden Road, a short walk from Peckham Rye station.


Love this: “Cereal Killers”


I went straight over to the Bunny Chow stall, opting for the Monkey Gland Bunny.


Does Bunnychow live up to the hype? A definitive YES! Imagine meatballs slathered in a spicy tomato sauce, covered with fresh coriander and stuffed into a soft bun with a thick crust.

Despite most of the sauce ending up on my face (I stuffed this bunny chow into my mouth as a record speed!), I would happily eat this again and again….Kudos South Africa!


I still can’t understand how no sauce drips through the base of the bread though…..

I then headed over to Hank’s Po Boys for a Po Boy.



Usually I would have opted for the meat option. However, one item stuck out most in the menu: a jack fruit Po Boy (creole spiced jackfruit, veggie debris, hot and sweet slaw, sour cream). Feeling adventurous, I went for this vegetarian option, only to regret it immediately.


The end product didn’t quite work: there was no flavour in the jackfruit and it felt quite one-dimensional. Perhaps they could have fried some jackfruit to add additional texture to the sandwich. However, credit to Hank’s for the innovation!

Walking around, I tried out some of the other goods on offer:

  • the wild mushroom and truffle sussex sausage from cannon and cannon: pungent and melt in the mouth. A great starter for any dinner!


  • Blackwood’s “pickled” cheese: despite the name, this goats cheese (submerged in flavoured olive oil) was delicious. Mild, creamy and tinged with a little rosemary – I could have eaten this all day (I ended up buying a bottle!)IMG_20141101_132855

As it was my sister’s birthday, I ended up buying her a sample of cakes from Kookybakes, who are famous for their whoopie pies! If you ever see the elusive red-velvet version, buy them all! THEY ARE RIDICULOUS!


On leaving the market adequately full, I had a quick look around. Everyone was either a food blogger, a hipster or a yummy mummy. It seems that Peckham, like Brixton before it, has become fully gentrified.


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