Som Saa – transporting you to North East Thailand

Good Thai food is hard to find in London.

There’s Coconut Grove in Islington and the Begging Bowl in Peckham. That’s about it.

However, London has recently experienced something of a resurgence in good quality Thai food, with the opening of Smoking Goat and Som Saa in particular creating quite a stir!

Som Saa, based in London Fields, serves a range of classic Thai dishes from North East Thailand.


IMG_20141114_191401 IMG_20141114_192635

Not wanting to miss out, we ordered everything on the menu!

The most memorable dishes of the night were:

– Som Tam Thai: a zingy, spicy, papaya salad, littered with sweet cherry tomatoes and toasted salty peanuts

– Moo Yang: a spicier, richer version of Chinese Char Siu. Melt in the mouth awesomeness!

– Gai Yang: a common street food in Thailand, Gai Yang is grilled chicken that has been marinated in a mixture of coriander root, garlic, lemon grass, peppercorn and palm sugar. The accompanying sauce was the perfect accompaniment to the unlimited sticky rice!

– Nam Dtok Pla Thort: my favorite dish of the night, despite its peculiar looks….


The drinks menu there is also pretty good. They even serve the unusual Beaver-Town Gamma Ray!


Despite the unlimited sticky rice, we made some room for dessert on the advice of our extremely friendly and knowledgeable waitress:


(Salted palm sugar and turmeric ice cream, served with coal grilled bananas)

This dessert was incredible! The palm sugar resulted in a deep, almost burnt caramel flavor (which I love!), whilst the bananas added a contrasting warmth and texture to the ice cream.

Our one surprise of the night came in the form of the bill. We paid £168 for 6 people (£28 per head), which included a generous tip! That is incredible value for money considering the quality and volume of food we had!


Seriously, if you like Thai food, go to Som Saa NOW! It is only open until the end of January, so get going!


PS: I didn’t know this, but the chef used to work at the Begging Bowl! No wonder the food is stunning!

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