2014 – a year of new experiences

On 01 January 2014, I made a promise to myself: I would say yes to everything and anything that came my way.

As a result of this resolution, I ended up:

Some of the experiences have been incredible (going into Downing Street and meeting a host of famous people – Nick Clegg and Ian Duncan Smith included) whilst others have been downright scary (going on the Xscream ride on top of the Stratosphere in Vegas)! However, each experience has taught me something new and I hope to continue this in 2015.

Before I summarise my year, I would like to thank each and every one of you readers. You have made this worthwhile!

Here’s to an even better 2015!


Most viewed post:

Lunch in the city


A post for those who work in the City. Say goodbye to the Pret sandwich and say hello to the Pilpel container (or a few Crosstown doughnuts)!


My favourite blog post:

Dulce de leche macarons


One of the most technical bakes I made in 2014 and also one of the tastiest! Light, crisp and so moreish, I reckon I could eat at least a dozen of these!


Favourite holiday destination:



In 2014, I managed to visit quite a few holiday hotspots. However, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite destination was L.A. (although Hong Kong comes a close second!). The food (oh, the food!), the vast amounts of open green space and the random film events makes L.A. so unpredictable and yet such an exciting place to visit.

If you get a chance, GO!


Favourite moment:

 Grandad’s 80thIMG_20140729_102553-851131447

2014 was the year my Grandad turned 80. As a result, my whole extended family headed back to celebrate the occasion. Lets just say, Yuen Long will never forget our visit……

(The holiday in Hong Kong was made even better by the fact that I ended up getting upgraded by Cathay Pacific on the way there AND on the way back!)

Favourite bake:

Poppy & Sebastian


Not only did I get to meet Poppy Smadja (my culinary hero!), the course also taught me advanced baking techniques and the importance of pre-baking preparation. I also got to eat a load of the tarts for “quality control” purposes!


Best restaurant:

The Quality Chop House


Top quality wine (try the 1948 Château Sisqueille Rivesaltes!), top quality service, top quality produce – all in a wonderfully charismatic setting.

The best thing? You can BOOK!


Best dish

Fried dauphinoise potatoes


Just look at them! If there is anything you must eat in 2015, eat these. Several times.


Most anticipated restaurant opening in 2015:

SO MANY to choose from: there’s Alan Yau’s Duck & Rice, Neil Rankin’s Bad Egg in Moorgate and the legendary Meat Liqor in Islington.

However, what I am looking forward to most is the opening of the Modern Pantry in the City (rumours are that it is opening next to my office in Finsbury Square).

Goodbye savings!


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