Street Feast, Koya and The Hungry Donkey

The London Marathon took a lot out of me. In particular, the vegan diet really ruined my eating out!

So, once the marathon was over, I went BIG.

Street Feast, Dalston Yard:

One of my favourite foodies, @anicaparmar, held her birthday party at Street Feast, Dalston.

After a 30 minute queue to get in


I headed straight to @Smokestak for some of their legendary smoked goods.




Gutted to find out that their USDA beef rib (or as the kid in front of me called it, USEDA beef rib) was sold out, I opted for the second best option:


The pork ribs were everything you could hope for – smokey, sticky and melt-in-mouth tender. The perfect start to my street feast.

Having finished my starter, I headed to @rolawala for some “twisted Indian Food”:
IMG_20150502_194821 IMG_20150502_194748I was rewarded for choosing the vegetarian dish (beetroot dal, topped with paneer and sitting on a crisp flatbread), which was surprisingly refreshing.

After a round of gin at @ginstore, home of 44 different types of gin,

IMG_20150502_195956I had a quick scout around to find my next pitstop



when the crunchy nut fried chicken @breddostacos caught my attention:



It tasted even better than it looked (it looked so good, at least 10 people asked me where I got it from!). The slight sweetness of the crunchy nut coating really complemented the spicy mayo and the perfectly cooked chicken.


I really wanted to go @yumbun, but the queue was crazy (the bao hype is everywhere these days!). Instead, I headed over to @you_doughnut for dessert:



Given the constant queues @you_doughnut, it was unsurprising that their famous salt caramel sauce had sold out. Opting for a medium (it was huge!) with strawberry and lime sauce and all the toppings:


Seriously, if you get the chance, go and visit Street Feast. You won’t regret it


Berber & Q:

Summer time means BBQ. Normally, I would head to Pitt Cue. However, having heard great things about Berber & Q, I headed over to Haggerston with a couple of South Africans


To ensure that I got my BBQ fix, I ordered almost everything from the menu:



including the growler, a 1.7 litre specialty beer (very, very drinkable!)

IMG_20150508_194014Just as the smell of barbecued meat wafting from the open kitchen was getting to me, the food arrived on huge plates

My favourite dishes were the spiced pork belly, the hand pulled lamb and the wonderfully innovative cauliflower schwarma. The beef rib, however, was a bit dry and required constant dipping in the house sauce.

On a side note, the toilets at Berber and Q are very cool! Not only is there a distinct Turkish theme, Turkish radio also plays whilst you go about your business!


Koya Bar:

Having heard that Koya was closing down (sad times) I headed down to Soho with HS and Chowdberry. However, other people seemed to have the same idea as the queue was insane!

We went to Koya bar instead and were not disappointed:


I opted for the chilled Hiyashi Udon with fried and raw garlic mustard and sesame sauce:


So simple, yet so effective! Perfect for a summers evening


The Hungry Donkey:

Working in Moorgate has its benefits. In addition to the newly opened Broadgate circle, which houses the wonderful Franco Manca, Shoryu and José Pizarro, food pop-ups in the area start all the time!

The most recent addition is @thehungrydonkey, which was handing out free souvlaki wraps to its social media followers. Not one to miss a free lunch, I headed over to see what they were all about.


Before I had even walked in, the delicious scent of roasting meat was already filling my nose!

The friendly waitress convinced me to try the unusual boar/pork sausage option, which I supplemented with a slice of manouri cheesecake for dessert:



The soft (yet crisp) flatbread housed a smokey – almost gamey – sausage, sweet cherry tomatoes and slices of red onion, all smothered in a paprika mayo. IMG_20150515_115814The manouri cheesecake was brilliant! Manouri cheese, a by product of making feta cheese, has a deeply creamy texture and is ever so slightly savoury – making it the perfect partner for the sweet and crunchy biscuit base.

The Hungry Donkey is a great addition to the lunch scene in Moorgate and I’m already looking forward to trying the galaktoboureko next week!



Playing with Simba for a couple of days:


IMG_20150507_231446(all played out and looking forward to a nap!)

Trying out the new climbing wall from the Arch Climbing Wall:
IMG_20150504_134928 IMG_20150504_155403

Particularly impressed with the “tunnel” and the parkour style training area.

Another meal at the Regency


God I love the chilli mogo here!

Decapitating Colin the Caterpillar….

IMG_20150506_134346Climbing at Mile End:
IMG_20150509_133241The routes here are, for me, more challenging and dynamic than those at The Arch. 

Learning some Italian, courtesy of Byron:

Berber & Q on Urbanspoon


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