Chick n’ Sours – a reccuring dream

I’ve been having the same dream over the past two nights. It involves eating (and eating and eating) the super-sized fried chicken thigh burger from Chick n’ Sours, a fried chicken shop in trendy Dalston.

However, this is no ordinary fried chicken shop: the free-range chicken (sourced from small British producers) is cooked by Carl Clarke, formerly of Roganic. And boy does the menu reflects this!

On arriving, we ordered a round of sours (two Mango n’ Balsamic sours and a funky sounding house sour):


(Photo courtesy of @rachy4812)

The sours were very, very drinkable (and therefore very, very dangerous for a lightweight such as myself!)

With the drinks going straight to our heads, we ordered:

  • A large portion of sticky disco wings;
  • A house fry;
  • A guest fry (General Tso glaze!);
  • The Geisha bun;
  • (Beef) Dripping fries and
  • Pickled watermelon, peanut and coriander

All with a variety of dips:

  • SSam Jang relish;
  • St Augur and buttermilk;
  • Siracha sour cream dip

I knew we were in for a treat when the sticky disco wings arrived: 8 glorious, crispy wings, covered in a apricot (?) and honey glaze. Despite the abundance of sauce, the wings remained crisp – a very welcome surprise!


We were given Huggies wipes to clean up the mess on our faces…..

And then the crowning moment arrived:


A monster piece of perfectly fried chicken thigh, slathered in lime kosho mayo, Japanese mayo, yam slaw and a tare glaze ( teriyaki style sauce). Despite the overload of toppings, the bun held this beast together – no mean feat given the size of the bun!


Trying to eat this in one mouthful proved tricky…..but so worthwhile! Can you now see why I’m having this re-occuring dream?

After finishing the bun, I looked up to see that RB had demolished his House Fry whilst the Canadian had made her way through the spicy Guest Fry – good signs all round!

The side dishes were no less exciting. The beef dripping fries were great for mopping up the variety of dips (get the complex and SSam Jang relish, which is sour and spicy in equal measure), but it was the watermelon salad that really got my tastebuds singing:


You immediately get an intense hit of fish sauce, followed swiftly by the heat from the chilli and the crunch from the peanut, before ending with the cooling and sweet watermelon. So simple, yet so wonderfully brilliant! Even RB, a man who dislikes anything that isn’t meat, couldn’t get enough of this!

Despite being stuffed, we went for the intriguing soft-serve ice cream: salted milk chocolate topped with a white chocolate and miso crumb:


A great end to a wonderful meal!


Now to go back to bed to relive THAT chicken bun.


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